Goldfish Swim School

Customer Service and Sales Manager


Needham, MA


Full Time

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  • Ability to work with children
  • Excellent interpersonal communication and organizational skills
  • Must pass background examinations (included with training)

Job Position: Sales and Service Manager

Summary:  Oversees the quality and success of the sales & service/front desk operations of Goldfish Swim School including sales functions, customer service, retail, vending and workplace employee activities.  Provides weekly audits to the General Manager and Assistant General Manager of the Front Desk Notes, Registration/Withdrawal Log (with a reconciliation done against the period summary report) and Lead Binders. Provides weekly updates of the Withdrawal Log and list of items to order for Snack Shack/Treasure Island.

Duties and Responsibilities:  

  1. Provides leadership, discipline and constructive feedback to our Front Desk Representatives.
  2. Assists in directing and controlling the daily operations to ensure the school is running according to GSS standard operating procedures.
  3. Assists in the management of Front Desk staff to ensure high productivity, excellent performance and positive employee satisfaction.
  4. Provides training of Front Desk staff to provide superior performance in customer service, understanding of Links software, Point of Sale and promotional items.
  5. Provides sales and marketing training to all qualified sales staff.
  6. Holds monthly meetings with the Front Desk staff and Management to go over performance reviews (GSRs). Provides agenda items to address during meetings.
  7. Conducts all the new hire training (front desk based).
  8. Works at the desk at least 4 shifts a week.
  9. Maintains all the monthly reporting through Links software.
  10. Oversees the job responsibility list at the front desk.
  11. Responsible for the overall cleanliness at the front desk and the dry side of the facility.
  12. Hosts monthly workshops with the employees (front desk related).
  13. Completes all the monthly Golden Support Reviews for the front desk.
  14. Offers customer service follow-up to any upset members.
  15. Helps with the subbing process to ensure appropriate staffing.
  16. Oversees the staff bio book.
  17. Fulfills other duties or responsibilities as assigned by the Employer.

Education/Experience: High school diploma or GED is required. Bachelor’s degree preferred. Two or more years previous customer service and/or administrative office experience required. Intermediate level computer skills required using Word, Excel and other software systems.


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